The OPEN Network and West End Collegiate Church are thrilled to invite you to She Is Called.

We have crafted this gathering out of our firm belief that the leadership of women is key to forming just and generous faith in the coming years. Women’s leadership is at the fore of public thought and is in no way uncontested, especially in the church.

We want to be intentional about empowering women who are doing this work by bringing together people who care about the future of faith and want to see the generous diversity for which we strive in the world modeled in church leadership. Coming together in conversation to share our experiences, hopes, and fears will create solidarity to empower us as we continue to move toward a greater equality.  

Facilitators will be there to keep things rolling, ask questions to spur further thinking, and guide the process, but your thoughts and insights will be the content. To ensure everyone's involvement in crafting the conversations, only 50 tickets will be available.



For this gathering we’ve chosen six topics that impact women in church leadership. In the months leading up to She Is Called, we will provide readings or media for each topic to help you develop your thoughts. Prep as little or as much as you’d like prior to our coming together. You can read/absorb provided material for all the topics, only the ones you're interested in, or just jump in when you get here. Two conversations will happen in each session for six sessions. Each conversation will happen twice (if you're like me, you always think of something you didn't say the first time). During the cycle of conversations, you can choose to revisit a previous conversation or attend a new one.

She Is Called will also offer holistic offerings like yoga and contemplation and service opportunities like the West End Soup Church.



  • History—What history of womanhood has influenced you? What is your history? Led by Jennifer Fisher

  • Art—What art (written, visual, music) has influenced you? What art has come out of your particular experience of womanhood? Led by Jeana Pynes, Rachael Hadley McClair, and Victoria Lin

  • Knowing—When did you know your calling? What do you sense as you move forward? What are your ways of knowing? Led by Kate Christensen-Martin

  • Logistics—How do you manage? What do you think could make that easier? Led by Kaji Dousa

  • Conflict—How do you think about conflicts you're facing and live in light of them? How do conflicts shape you and how can you shape them? Led by Teresa Pasquale Mateus

  • Activism—How do you want to be active in the world? What do you want to change? How? Led by Neichelle Guidry

Between conversations, we'll get to hear from four powerful leaders, who will share their insights and experiences with us in keynote sessions. Our keynote speakers are Susan CottrellJes KastJacqui LewisNeichelle Guidry, and Paula Stone Williams.



Our hope is that out of our time together, you gain new information and insight to guide your work. We hope you will make new connections to people who share your vision so that your work will be amplified and enriched. We believe these conversations will lead to actionable outcomes that will impact our faith and world in real ways.