She Is Called: OPEN Conversations for Women in Leadership is a conference, a gathering, a jumping off point for women in leadership to begin connecting and discussing issues surrounding their faith, womanhood, and calling. The conference will take place in New York City, at West End Collegiate Church, May 2-4, 2017. Space is limited, so register today! 


She Is Called is not a typical conference. Your time will not be focused on presenters imparting their wisdom to you as an attendee. Instead, sessions will be conversational and content will form collaboratively. Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome to join us. It's our hope to host women from all backgrounds, fields, and forms of leadership who are interested in exploring how God is calling them through their womanhood and their work. 

Our contributors will facilitate conversations in five topic areas. To get the conversations started, each facilitator has provided content for you to read or listen to before you attend. Attendees can choose to take in as much content as they like (read it all or read nothing). Click on a subject below to link to content or choose from the "Content" menu above.

  • History—What history of womanhood has influenced you? What is your history?

  • Art—What art has influenced you? What art have you created out of the tension of these spaces (written, visual, music)?

  • Knowing—When did you know? What do you sense as you move forward?

  • Logistics—How do you manage? What do you think could make that easier?

  • Activism—How do you want to be active in the world? What do you want to change? How?

Between conversations, we'll get to hear from five powerful leaders, who will share their insights and experiences with us in keynote sessions.

We look forward to your contributions as well!




Marlee Walters | Convergence

Jennifer Fisher | Forefront Church

Jes Kast | West End Collegiate Church